Bronwyn claims half-a-dozen sheriffs showed up to her 4-year-old daughter’s daycare, along with her daughter’s biological father, Brett, and “stole” her little girl away from her and her boyfriend, Justin. She claims that Brett, who was granted physical custody of Bella after not being in her life for the first four years, now speaks negatively about her to their daughter and is trying to “systematically erase” her from Bella’s life.

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Brett claims that Bronwyn is a “danger to everybody she comes in contact with,” and that he was given physical custody because Bronwyn denied subpoenas and lied to law enforcement, which Bronwyn denies.

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When the exes face off on Dr. Phil’s stage, sparks fly. Dr. Phil tries to impress upon the parents the importance of putting Bella’s needs above their own – but his warning falls on deaf ears.

After the show, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts.

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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