Karen and Jim say they are desperate to remove their violent and mooching son, Kyle, from their home. While they admit they financially support the 31-year-old, they claim he has attacked them and refuses to leave their house.

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Kyle says he blames his parents for his situation – and says they need to do more to help him get out of the hole he claims they put him in. When speaking with Dr. Phil and Jon Taffer, star of the popular TV show, “Bar Rescue” and co-host of the new show “Face The Truth,” Kyle gave multiple reasons why he is stuck in his current situation.

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Taffer, also the author of the new book “Don’t ******** Yourself, Crush The Excuses That Are Holding You Back,” shared with Kyle and his parents the secrets to overcoming the excuses that keep people from becoming successful. And, Dr. Phil offered a concrete plan for both Kyle and his parents to move forward.

After the show, Dr. Phil and Taffer reflect on the guests – and their own lives.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

"Face The Truth" is executive produced by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Jay.

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