Pamela says in just nine days, she is likely going to jail for not complying with court orders because she refuses to allow her ex, Justin, his court-ordered visitations with their children.

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Pamela says she believes Justin is a dangerous narcissist who she claims has locked the kids out of the house and attempted to drown their oldest daughter in the pool. Pamela says she will do whatever it takes to protect her kids from Justin, even if that means going to jail.

Justin claims Pamela is a hateful, controlling, bitter ex, who has brainwashed their children into making up stories, and says Pamela’s claims of abuse are lies! These parents have been back and forth to court and claim nothing has been resolved. So, who is telling the truth?

Is Justin an abusive father, or is Pamela a jealous ex, making up stories for revenge? Can Dr. Phil get these parents on the same page for the sake of their children? Find out!

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