Your behavior and the way you act in a relationship will either contribute to the success or the failure of that relationship.

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Dr. Phil describes a type of behavior that he calls Outrageous Overshadow and how it affects the communication between a couple.

He says that outrageous overshadow is the circumstance in which the behavior of one partner is so noisy, outrageous and over the top, that the other partner gets a free pass for their own inappropriate or dysfunctional behavior.

“When you get into an argument, the louder and the more you yell, and scream, and throw stuff around, that just puts all the focus on you, and your partner gets away with everything because you’re drawing so much attention to yourself,” Dr. Phil says. “Stay calm; they don’t get away with anything, because now, you’re not deflecting from them.”

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Hear more in the video above, including how this term relates to Dr. Phil’s guests who are in a combative relationship that resulted in the girlfriend shooting her boyfriend.

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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