“There’s something I call outrageous overshadowing,” Dr. Phil says, explaining, “It’s when two people are in a conflict, and one of them behaves so outrageously, it overshadows the other person’s behavior, which may also be wrong.”

Conflict So Big It Needs A Dr. Phil Solution?

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil’s guests, Peter and his son, Jorell, are at odds. Jorell claims Peter “kidnapped” him and held him at his property three hours away from where he lives and wouldn’t let him speak to his wife or children. He says that after three days, Peter then had him committed to a psych ward, claiming he was in a “cannabis-induced” psychosis.

WATCH: Video Man Claims Is Evidence Son Had 'Cannabis-Induced Psychosis'

Peter denies kidnapping Jorell. Peter says his son was behaving erratically, and he was trying to protect him.

Hear more from Dr. Phil in the video above, and watch more from this episode here.

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