Marilyn says she provided a perfect childhood for her daughter, Anika, including sending her to Montessori schools, playing softball, and providing music lessons and dance classes. Even though her daughter got great grades and played the violin at Carnegie Hall, Marilyn claims she began to notice disturbing behavioral issues that no doctor could ever diagnose. Since then, she says she has been keeping lengthy notes about her daughter’s behavior and has begged for help from anyone who will listen. She claims her now 31-year-old daughter is not only homeless, but she’s also a mentally ill, unfit mother of a 6-month-old baby who is in CPS custody.

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However, Anika claims her mother wants her to be sick so she can control her because her mother loves the attention. Anika says Marilyn was a “terrible” mother and has never helped her during the rough periods of her life. She says she is a fit mother and wants her baby back.

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After speaking with mother and daughter, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts after the show.

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