In the video above, Dr. Phil explains that if what you’re telling yourself doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s important to test your thoughts to see if they are rational. And, he offers four questions to ask yourself.

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“If something doesn’t seem to be adding up, you’ve got to check it against objective reality, something that you can measure to see whether or not it’s verified by something that other people can see,” he explains.
Learn more in the video above.

On Tuesday’s episode, he speaks with Angie, who has convinced herself that her husband of 23 years, Joe, is cheating on her. She says she has video and audio proof, although Joe denies it, and Dr. Phil says he doesn’t see or hear anything like proof on the video. Dr. Phil and psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy believe that Angie’s behavior and obsessive thoughts may be driven by excessive use of the drug Adderall. Watch more from the episode here.

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