Parents have a powerful influence on their children throughout their lives. What a child experiences in childhood can have a tremendous impact on how they behave as adults and in their relationships.

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“Parental legacy is such a powerful thing,” Dr. Phil tells his audience after the show. “That will not break until somebody says they are making a conscious choice to break it right here, right now. They get you have to make a conscious choice to say, 'I choose differently.'”

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On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil explains to a young mom with two children from two different dads who is currently involved in what her family claims is an abusive relationship, how she is carrying on the parental legacy of her mother.

After the show, he continues the discussion and opens up about his own parental legacy. Hear how he says he has chosen what to break and what to carry forward from his parents.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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