Karla wrote to Dr. Phil saying she is terrified for her daughter, Abby, who she says is dealing with debilitating episodes of PTSD from being possessed by demons for over a decade. Karla says that at times, the demons would beat, stab, and rape Abby multiple times a day, every single day. Karla says she was forced to contact a Catholic priest who performed three separate exorcisms on Abby and was able to finally remove the demons for good in 2015. However, even though the demons are gone, Karla says Abby can have a seizure-like PTSD episode at a moment’s notice.

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Abby says one year ago, she began having traumatic PTSD episodes that mimic her possessions. She says she’s positive she’s no longer possessed by demons because prayer and Holy Water no longer affect her. The young mom says she can no longer work, drive, or even shower without triggering a PTSD flashback to when she was possessed.

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Was Abby possessed by demons, or could something else be triggering her behavior? After the show, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts.

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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Woman Experiences PTSD Episode While Speaking With Dr. Phil