Dr. Phil says that if you want to change a child’s behavior, you have to start with the basics: You don’t reward bad behavior; you earn your privileges, and it starts with treating each other with dignity and respect.

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On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Jennifer, who says her son, Alex, is “addicted and obsessed” with violent video games – which she buys for him. She says his behavior has taken a turn for the worse, and he is aggressive and violent. She also says that the 12-year-old has the rule of the house, and she has to ask him for permission to do anything. Dr. Phil tells her that she should try Commando Parenting as a way to get Alex’s behavior under control. Learn more here.

WATCH: 'You're The One Providing Him The Games That You Think Are Dysfunctional,' Dr. Phil Tells Mom Who Says Son Is 'Addicted' To Violent Video Games

In the video above, hear more from Dr. Phil as he speaks with the audience after the show.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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