In 2016, flames tore through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The wildfires were the deadliest Tennessee had ever seen, claiming the lives of over a dozen people while injuring approximately 134.

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Local resident Darlene says she lost her home, her business and even friends in the disaster. She says the fires changed her life forever in an unimaginable way, and she felt compelled to help others and joined a support group run by another resident, Melinda.

Darlene claims it wasn’t long before she started to have serious suspicions that Melinda was “a scamming, lying, mentally unstable bully who scammed innocent victims.” Darlene claims Melinda wrote on social media that she lost everything in the fire, and that she started a donation page and pocketed all of the cash.

Melinda admits she received and spent the donated money but denies any wrongdoing. Watch the video above as Dr. Phil shares his final thoughts on this episode with the studio audience.

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Why Two Victims Of A 2016 Wildfire Are Claiming A Local Woman Is A Scam Artist