Most people divorce before they should, Dr. Phil says. He suggests asking yourself a few questions before you decide to end your marriage.

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“You can tell when you’re ready for divorce when you have no unfinished emotional business,” Dr. Phil says. “You shouldn’t get a divorce when you’re upset. You shouldn’t get a divorce until you’ve turned over every rock looking for solutions, until you have examined every possible avenue of rehabilitation.”

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil speaks with Elizabeth and Brian who have a contentious relationship. They each make disparaging remarks about the other and talk negatively about the other with their 14-year-old son.

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“They didn’t finish their emotional business, so they’re still running their emotional agendas, and the child’s caught in the crossfire,” Dr. Phil says.

Watch more of his advice in the video above.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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