Former spouses, Libby and Brian, say they’ve been at war over their children for years. Brian claims Libby has poisoned their kids against him and is trying to erase him from their lives.

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Libby insists it’s Brian’s abusive and demeaning behavior to her and their children that has them turning their backs on their father.

On Monday’s episode, Dr. Phil didn’t allow Libby and Brian to appear on stage because he believed they could not put their animosity for each other aside for the sake of their children.

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In the unPHILtered segment above, Dr. Phil explains to the studio audience why he thinks people get divorced too fast in America, and why he believes, “You shouldn’t get a divorce until you have no more unfinished emotional business.”

The conclusion of this two-part episode airs Tuesday. Tune in to see what happens when Brian is reunited with his two oldest children.

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