Sarah says she’s ready to end her 18-year marriage to Keith to marry her Kenyan boyfriend, Kevin. She says once she gets her tax return money in February, she plans to go to Africa, meet Kevin for the first time and marry him. She says they plan to live in Africa part-time and take care of the children in Kevin’s orphanage and spend the rest of the time in the U.S. with her four children.

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Keith says he was devastated when Sarah dropped the bombshell and says he’s not going down without a fight. He claims Sarah is being scammed by Kevin. He fears she may be raped, murdered or sold into sex trafficking if she goes to Kenya.

Sarah’s parents and sister agree with Keith. They say there’s no way they’re letting her go and if she tries, her father says he will follow her.

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After speaking with the family, as well as Kevin, Dr. Phil suggests that Sarah make an earnest effort to fix her relationship with Keith. He asks her to refrain from speaking with Kevin for 90 days while she attempts to heal her marriage, and she agrees, reluctantly.

After the show, Dr. Phil weighs in with his thoughts about Sarah’s behavior. Does he think she will keep her commitment?

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Watch more here.

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Family Begs Loved One Not To Go To Africa To Meet Boyfriend