Brooklyn, Arjun, and Andy all say they had the terrifying experience of having their smart home camera systems hacked.

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Andy's hacker, Hank, who calls himself an “independent security researcher” says he just wanted to warn Andy that his private information was vulnerable, but acknowledges he went about it the wrong way.

WATCH: Cybersecurity Expert Demonstrates How Hackers Easily Gain Access To Sensitive Information

In the video above, Dr. Phil shares his own experience with a would-be hacker and reminds viewers, “It’s really easy to get hacked.”

Plus, cybersecurity expert and “the world’s most famous hacker” Kevin Mitnick shares valuable tips on keeping safe in the cyberworld.

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For free information on how you can guard against cyberattacks, avoid malware, keep personal information confidential and protect your children online, visit Kevin Mitnick’s Knowbe4 homecourse and enter the password: homecourse.

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