John, a former high school star athlete, is now a penniless gambler who lives in his parents’ basement. The 25-year-old has lost $60,000 gambling, has no job and can’t support his girlfriend and three young sons. He admits he’s stolen money from his family and depends on his parents to support him.

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John’s mom, Shelly, admits she takes care of her son’s needs and says she doesn’t have the heart to kick him out.

Bobby, John’s older brother, says his mother is a huge part of the problem, and it’s time for her and John to be held accountable for their behavior.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil and life coach Mike Bayer make a plan for John to get his life back on track. After the show, Dr. Phil speaks with the audience about how a parent’s behavior can affect their child.

“Kids will do what you allow them to do,” Dr. Phil says.

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Life Coach Mike Bayer Tells 25-Year-Old Gambling Addict Steps To Take To Change His Life