Aja says she is sick and tired of taking care of her ungrateful, entitled, former substance-abusing mother, Janet. She says she has allowed her mom to live with her for eight of the 10 years of her marriage. Aja claims she’s spent $100,000 taking care of her mom and that she does absolutely everything for her without any appreciation.

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Janet rejects Aja’s claim that she is somehow taking advantage of Aja. She says she pays rent, regularly goes to Narcotics Anonymous, so what else does Aja want from her?

Aja says she’s glad her mom has made improvements, but it doesn’t make up for her and her older sister, Ashley’s, neglected childhood. Aja claims they were put in constant danger and surrounded by violent criminals and firearms, But Janet says, “I think my past drug addiction has made my girls the women they are today.”

Will Aja finally give her mother the boot? Can this family possibly come together after years of animosity? Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil’s thoughts on this episode. Then tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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