A few years after going through a divorce, Bart, a father of two young children, says that he decided to try online dating, where he says he met "Megan." But after only a few weeks of chatting online, Bart says Megan told him that she found out she had been diagnosed with leukemia and he says that he learned that she died shortly after.

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Soon after, Bart says he received a text from Megan’s best friend, "Aly," and she encouraged him to get back in the dating scene. He says he thought he found love again with "Alison," but a few months later, he says he got a call that Alison was injured and lost so much blood she died – but then he says he learned that she was actually alive.

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Bart says he got suspicious and did some digging. He says he learned there was no Alison and that "Megan"’s friend "Aly" was really a woman named Jeanne who had been deceiving him.

Watch Bart’s first appearance on Dr. Phil here, and hear why Jeanne said she deceived him multiple times.

In the video above, Bart gives an update on what he’s doing now – and how his appearance on Dr. Phil changed his outlook on life.

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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