Karen says she tried to get her 17-year-old daughter, Emma, to stop partying and told her she could no longer see the 20-year-old she had been dating because he was too old for her.

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Then, one night while Emma was grounded, Karen says she discovered the young man hiding in the teenager’s bedroom closet. She also says she found the “burner” phone Emma had been using to communicate with him and her friends.

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In response, Karen says she posted a video to Emma’s Snapchat account, calling out the teenager’s friends, accusing them of covering for her.

“I was really mad at her,” says Emma, noting she was embarrassed by the video.

“I was mad at myself as well,” she admits.

Karen says she thought the video was only going to be seen by about 50 of Emma’s friends. Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil to find out what happened after it went viral

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