Lon, a retired Marine and veteran of Vietnam, and Travis, whose father was a Marine, both claim Michael took advantage of their affiliation with the military to try to convince each of them he was a Marine pilot in need of financial assistance.

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Travis says Michael claimed he had been injured in hand-to-hand combat while he was in Iraq, that he had also been shot in the line of duty, and that his wife was battling cancer and had died during childbirth.

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“Ultimately none of it was true,” says Travis. He claims that shortly after Michael asked him to set up an online fundraiser for him, his inbox was flooded with messages claiming that Michael was a fraud.

Lon says he tried to give Michael the benefit of the doubt but that his stories were “extraordinary, to say the least.” Lon says he later found out that “Virtually everything he told me was a lie.”

Michael admits he’s been lying to people for years. He claims he’s ready to come clean. Do Lon and Travis say they believe him?

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