“Food prices are up right now. Every penny counts,” says Jordan Page. She’s a vlogger and mother of eight who says the rising cost of food is impacting almost everyone.

To combat steep prices at the grocery store Jordan, who runs the website ”Fun Cheap or Free,” recommends planning your meals based on what you already have at home before you shop. She also says that far too many people shop “backwards,” which is wasteful.

“We’re in the habit of going online or going to our favorite celebrity cookbook, grabbing the recipe, and going to the store,” says Jordan, adding, “Half the ingredients go to waste; the leftovers sit and rot in your fridge, and you eat out the next night, and then you start all over again.”

Jordan says that couponing, buying in bulk, and learning to stretch the food you buy are essential when it comes to maximizing your grocery budget - without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

Watch the video above, then tune in to Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “How to Survive Inflation,” for more money-saving tips! And later, hear from a couple with sixteen children who decided to tackle the rising cost of meat by buying an entire cow.

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How A Couple With 16 Kids Beat The High Price Of Beef

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