Adrianna claims her mother, Jennifer, kept her out of school for a year, verbally abuses her and brings strange men into their home, which Jennifer adamantly denies. Jennifer says she and Adrianna have a “volatile relationship,” and admits that she’s told her daughter more than once that she hates her.

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Los Angeles based psychiatrist and Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services Dr. Charles Sophy joins the conversation.

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He asks Jennifer whether she is jealous of Adrianna, or if she is competing with her. When she says “no” to both questions, Dr. Sophy says, “I think you are.”

Continuing, he says, “There’s something about her that stirs up in you, and you become crazed.” When Dr. Sophy tells Jennifer that what she’s doing to Adrianna is “abuse,” how does Jennifer respond?

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