On June 7, 2021, Maggie Murdaugh and her youngest son, Paul, members of the prominent South Carolina Murdaugh family, were shot to death on their hunting property known as Moselle. Maggie’s husband, Alex, was arrested for the double murder and recently convicted after a six-week trial.
During the trial, two women testified that Maggie was at the family beach house in Edisto the day she died and only returned to Moselle that day -- 65 miles away – at Alex’s request. In the video above, hear some of that testimony. Former Prosecutor Loni Coombs weighs in on why she believes the women’s testimony was powerful.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "Alex Murdaugh Guilty: His Body Language of Lies," Court TV reporter Vinnie Politan and body language experts Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley of The Behavior Panel also join Dr. Phil to analyze Murdaugh’s behavior during his double murder trial and share what they believe are red flags. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: What Body Language Experts Say Were Red Flags In Alex Murdaugh’s Behavior During Murder Trial

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