Six years ago, Kyron Horman disappeared without a trace after his stepmom, Terri, dropped him off at school. Kyron’s mother and father claim that Terri knows who may have hurt their son or what happened to him – an accusation she denies. Watch her story here. 

Terri, who admits that her marriage to Kyron’s father was failing at the time of the 7-year-old’s disappearance, was also accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband.

In the video above, hear about the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

“It was completely false,” Terri states. “From what I understand is that, he was threatened that if he did not cooperate the way that they wanted him to, he and/or his family would be deported.”

WATCH: Stepmom Of Missing Kyron Horman Claims She Was Told To Lie To The Media

On Wednesday’s show, Terri says she wants to set the record straight and clear her name. And on Thursday, Terri answers questions about what some have alleged was suspicious behavior in the days and weeks following Kyron’s disappearance. Check here to see where you can watch.