Anita Barney claims that former Ohio State and NFL quarterback Art Schlichter duped her out of millions and forced her to scam her friends and employees out of $500,000. The 73-year-old woman who was once married to the CEO of the fast-food chain Wendy’s, says that she lost her home and her car and had to file for bankruptcy.

“In less than one year, he had swindled me out of $3 million,” Anita says, claiming that she was afraid to tell anyone of the situation because she feared Schlichter’s possible repercussions.

“He said, ‘If you tell anyone, I will be gone, you will not get your money back, and I will spend it or you’ll never find me ever again. And it’s coming in, just be patient,’” Anita alleges, adding that she never saw any of the money she claims she was promised. “When I asked for the money, he would get so angry and cuss and carry on. I did not know where to turn because I was so ashamed and embarrassed.”

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However, many people wonder if Anita was a victim or if she was really a co-conspirator.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks the former socialite, “Were you in love with him?”

“I was not,” she says.

So why did Anita call Schlichter her ‘boy toy’? In the video above, she tells Dr. Phil about her personal relationship with Schlichter and addresses the accusations that she was a co-conspirator in the scam. And, would Anita loan Schlichter money again?

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday. Watch more here.