Elizabeth and Brian have dragged their 14-year-old son in the middle of their contentious relationship. Brian had physical custody of the child until 2015, when he claims Elizabeth conspired with his ex-girlfriend to file false charges against him, resulting in Elizabeth gaining physical custody. Brian claims that Elizabeth has obstructed his access to see and communicate with his son, and when he does see the child, he doesn’t want to return to his mom’s house.

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Elizabeth claims Brian has “brainwashed” the teen against her, straining her relationship with her son. She also accuses Brian of telling the boy that she wanted to abort him while she was pregnant.

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In the video above, watch a conversation between Elizabeth and her 14-year-old son -- and see Dr. Phil’s reaction.

“You’re doing that when you know you’re being watched. What are you doing when you aren’t?” he asks Elizabeth.

On Friday’s episode, hear what the teen says about his relationships with his parents. Can Elizabeth and Brian come together for his sake? Check here to see where you can watch.

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