Simon and Abba were two of 11 foster and adopted siblings rescued from their parents’ home in 2005 after law enforcement discovered the living conditions in the home. Simon and most of his siblings were spending time in cages surrounded by wire and wired with an alarm to alert their parents if they tried to leave.

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The parents, Sharen and Michael Gravelle, were eventually convicted of four felony accounts of child endangering, two misdemeanor accounts of child endangering and five misdemeanor accounts of child abuse, and spent two years in prison.

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After Simon and Abba, now 18 and 19, were reunited by Dr. Phil for the first time in 10 years, the siblings watch a video where the man who reported the abuse which led to their rescue describes what he claims he saw in the home that inspired him to take action.

In the video above, Simon and Abba meet the man, Carlyle, for the first time. Watch their emotional reunion. And on Monday's episode, see more surprises Dr. Phil has for these courageous teens. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Parents Convicted Of Child Endangerment Defend Their Behavior