Joelle says her 28-year-old daughter, Kaitlin, is six months pregnant and addicted to heroin. She says the mom of two was once a high school cheerleader but for the last six years, has been shooting up at least five times a day and is now homeless. Joelle says when she found out her two little grandchildren were living in a hotel room filled with trash, cigarettes and drug paraphernalia, she quit her job and took custody of the girls. Fearing if Kaitlin doesn’t get clean she is going end up dead, Joelle and her other daughter, Amy, turn to Dr. Phil for help.

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Dr. Phil tells Kaitlin that he is concerned for her baby and offers her a chance to enter treatment, to which she says she is willing to participate “to an extent.”

“I’ll take the help,” she tells Dr. Phil.

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“That doesn’t reach my threshold. ‘I’ll take the help but,’” Dr. Phil tells her. “I’m not wasting resources on somebody who doesn’t want to play the game. I’m done.”

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After her mom and sister plead with her to take Dr. Phil’s help, Kaitlin approaches Dr. Phil as she’s walking off stage. Watch the video above to hear his stern words for her. Will Kaitlin finally agree to go to treatment? Tune in Wednesday to see what happens after the show. Check here to see where you can watch.

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