Pamela says that her ex-husband Pete dropped a bomb on her when he announced he wanted a divorce. Pamela claims that Pete, who is a former priest, left her, along with sons Joseph and Peter Jr., for a new life with a massage therapist Lori, whom he calls his “soul-mate.”

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In a tragic turn of events, Peter Jr. took his own life in March 2016. Pamela and surviving son Joseph say they blame Pete for the 15-year-old’s suicide because, they claim, he abandoned the family for Lori. But Pete denies their accusations.

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In the video above, Pete claims it was Pamela who was responsible their younger son’s death by, he says, contributing to his depression, alienating him from Pete and giving him access to a loaded shotgun. And, he claims, the Department of Social Services’ report on Peter Jr.’s suicide backs him up.

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Pete says, not only does Pamela not appear to have any remorse, “she doesn’t appear to have any recognition of what she’s done.”

Pamela says she didn’t give Peter Jr. the shotgun, she says he found it in the attic. No criminal action was taken.

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Could either of Peter Jr.’s parents have contributed to their son’s depression? Tune in Tuesday as Dr. Phil unpacks the complicated issues surrounding this fractured family in the conclusion of a heated two-part Dr. Phil.

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