Dian says that while on a plane in June 2021, she watched a mother and daughter make a scene, so she started recording.
“Their behavior was extremely entitled,” Dian says. “I dubbed them ‘Karen’ and ‘Karen 2.0’.”

Watch the video above that went viral and has been viewed over 1 million times, and hear why Dian says, “They were just acting crazy!”
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Flightmares,” hear from other passengers who also recorded chaos and drama on their flights -- and see the videos. Plus, hear from passengers who say they were kicked off their flights – but claim it was because of the flight attendant’s "abuse of power" and not their behavior. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: ‘It Just Was Chaos,’ Says Woman Who Shares Video Of Fight On Airplane

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