Chrysta says she’s in love with her fiancé, Bobby, and can’t wait to marry him, but she says there’s one big problem: She claims Bobby’s 8-year-old son wants her dead. She claims he has threatened to kill her twice and that he has harmed children and animals.

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The couple admits that although they are in love, the child’s behavior is taking a toll on their relationships.

In the video above from Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil reviews the ways Chrysta claims Bobby’s son has physically harmed her.

“He was hitting you in the head with gloves that were filled with bolts and screws. He threw a rock at your head. Woke up standing over you with a screwdriver?” Dr. Phil asks.

WATCH: Woman Claims Fiance’s 8-Year-Old Son Tried To Kill Her Twice

Chrysta confirms and says, “It’s absolutely terrifying."

In the video above, hear more of the alleged behavior that has Chrysta frightened, including how she claims the boy attempted to harm her young daughter.

Should Chrysta move forward and marry Bobby? Or should she get out of the relationship as her family wants? See what Dr. Phil says on Thursday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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