Erica and Chris, who have two children together, say they’re in a polyamorous triad with a woman named Charnell who is currently pregnant with Chris’ child.

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Erica admits they’re homeless, that none of the adults currently work, and that she and Charnell have sometimes had to panhandle to get enough money for their family to survive.

Erica’s parents, Suzanne and Guy, and her stepmother, Susan, all claim that Chris is a “mooch” who refuses to work, and is forcing the women to use their children as props to make money on the streets. They also claim that Chris has convinced Erica that he is “The human leader of the world.”

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“My family accused Chris of being controlling, manipulative, a lazy good for nothing father, incapable of really providing for his family, and they think that I’m completely being brainwashed,” says Erica on Thursday’s episode.

Continuing she says, “Chris has been extremely instrumental in helping me achieve my ideologies that we need to live independent of the system, give up traditional jobs. I refuse to get a regular job because working 9 to 5 would lead to a life of mediocrity.”

“We are building a family community cooperative. We work together as a business, a barter system versus money. My parents do not get the concept at all,” she says.

How does Erica respond when Dr. Phil tells her she’s endangering her kids? This episode airs Tuesday.

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