Michelle says she and her daughter, Taylor, are best friends. “We’re a lot alike in a lot of ways. We are co-dependent on each other. She’s my world.”


Taylor says, “I don’t like to consider my mother a friend. I have enough friends. I don't need a friend, I need a mother.”

Describing Michelle as a “party mom,” Taylor, who’s now 23, claims that while she was growing up, Michelle was an alcoholic. She says the only memories she has of her mother at the time, “was when she was drunk.” She also claims Michelle gave her her first drink – and her first cigarette -- at age 14.

Michelle denies allowing Taylor to drink at 14 but acknowledges that she wasn’t always responsible when her daughter was growing up.

“When she was in high school, she would throw parties and I would be the supervising parent,” says Michelle. “When I was drinking, it was more friends/sisters, than mother/daughter. I wasn’t responsible. I got her to school, but I was doing my own thing.”

Michelle says she’s been sober for seven years, and that she’s changed. Does Taylor agree? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday.

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