Jason and Brooke say they took Sarah into their home after they found her living in a tent near their property. Sarah says she’s been an addict for decades but has been in recovery for nearly a year.

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The couple, who has seven children, some with special needs, claims Sarah was critical of their parenting from the start and overstepped her bounds while staying with their family. Eventually, they say, she reported them to DCS (Department of Child Services) on allegations of neglect and possible sexual abuse in the house.

Jason and Brooke adamantly deny the allegations and say they were cleared of any wrongdoing. Sarah claims that the couple makes fun of their children when they cry, allows them to play too many video games, and accuses Brooke of letting the older children make meals for the younger ones instead of preparing them herself.

“What are you doing for them? Other than buying them things?” she asks the couple on Friday’s Dr. Phil.

“That was an excellent question,” responds Jason. “What we are doing is we are teaching our kids how to be self-sufficient. We are teaching our kids how to problem solve. We are teaching our kids how to love people, and how to help people who aren’t as fortunate as we are. That is what we are teaching our kids.”

Does Sarah also claim she was neglected while staying with Brooke and Jason? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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