Seventeen-year-old Malia says she was a “defiant” 13-year-old the first time she ran away from home. Whether staying with friends, camping outside, or finding shelter in a parking garage, she claims, “I always found a way to take care of myself on my own.” 

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Her parents, Mark and Melissa, who divorced when Malia was 10, say she continued running away no matter how many times they brought her back.

At 15, Malia says she met her boyfriend, Charles. “He’s been my life for the past two years. He makes me happy,” she says. Charles Jackson is 35.

“My parents obviously don’t like him because of his age,” says Malia, admitting there have been times when she’s been scared in the relationship.

“There was an incident in June that we both probably made some stupid decisions,” says Malia, referring to an episode in which Charles Jackson is accused of assaulting her. “At the time I felt like my life was in danger.”

“It escalated to the point where I jumped out a window and ran to my neighbor’s house,” claims Malia. She claims Jackson was following close behind when she heard three gunshots. “He shot my neighbor in the leg,” she claims. Jackson fled, and Malia later rejoined him.

On Friday's Dr. Phil, Malia describes the day this past September when police caught up with them and arrested Charles Jackson.

Jackson is currently awaiting trial on multiple charges, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Why does Malia say she’d be with him now if he were out of jail? Find out where you can watch here.

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