Eric says he and his wife Sheri fight at least three to four times a week. “It could be the way I drive – it could be the way she drives – it could be about what she cooks and how she leaves the house – it doesn’t matter.”

Sheri agrees she and Eric fight over the smallest things – including eating in bed, what to pack for the kids’ lunches and even spilled milk. ”We feed each other’s insanity,” she says.

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Eric confesses the couple’s fights sometimes get violent, and that’s landed him behind bars several times.

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During one dispute, Eric allegedly shoved Sheri against a wall, causing her to receive a concussion. In another incident, he admits to holding a pair of scissors to Sheri’s neck; but claims it wasn’t intentional. “They were already in my hand and I acted.”

But, Eric insists, he’s not always the one to blame, when his fights with Sheri get out of hand.

Sheri concedes she gets physical with Eric as well. She says she has bitten, scratched and hit her husband during their altercations. “Eric and I have fought so badly that he ended up in the hospital.” She says she once stabbed Eric during a fight. “I had a pocket knife and he was blocking the door. But as soon as he raised his hand I popped that pocketknife right down into the side of his hand.”

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Many of their fights take place in front of the couple’s three daughters; who wind up getting caught in the crossfire. In 2011, Eric says he unintentionally hit one of their daughters in the head with a brick paver, when he and Sheri were separated and there was an injunction against him being in the home. The girl suffered a fractured skull. Both Eric and Sheri agree it was an accident but Eric had to serve a year in jail for violating the injunction, and for providing false information to authorities in connection with the episode. Following the incident, all three girls were removed from the home and placed in foster care for the next three years.

Despite multiple arrests for alleged domestic violence and a long, volatile history between them, Eric stresses he loves Sheri and wants to do better by her and their family.

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Can this couple’s angry, aggressive history finally be put to rest and their family set on the right path? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday to see how he proposes to help them turn their lives around.

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Married Couple’s Volatile Relationship Leads To Multiple Arrests, Hospitalizations, And Allegations