Jessica and Ian say they’ve been fighting to get their kids back ever since Child Protective Services removed the children from their care in 2019. The pair – who say their relationship has been on and off for years – insist they’ve complied with every request, and still, CPS refuses to return their children.

“We have jumped through every hoop. They don’t care if we get our kids back,” says Ian.

Jessica, who admits her emotions sometimes get the best of her, claims that CPS is gaslighting her and using her weaknesses against her. “I feel like they constantly pick at me to get a reaction out of me so that they can turn around and say, ‘Look at how crazy she is. Her kids are not safe with her.’”

Ian and Jessica say they deserve to have their children back because – they aren’t the issue – CPS is. Why do they say CPS isn’t allowing their kids to come home?

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