After going missing for nearly a week, 15-year-old Georgia high school student Calah Waskow was found safe with 37-year-old Jason Johnson, in a candy store in Tennessee. Johnson is currently facing child molestation charges in the case.

Calah claims she had been having sex with Johnson for six months at the time they left the state together in December, 2016. Calah says she went with Johnson of her own free will, and did not consider herself to have been a victim of kidnapping.

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When Calah disappeared from their parents’ home, her older brother, who is also named Jason, says he put his business on hold to search for her. “I was getting information from several different sources that this wasn’t the first child that he had molested or touched.”

Jason says he was also warned that Johnson was a “dangerous man,” who had a history of turning combative. “His family told me that he was dangerous – that they feared for the safety of my sister.” He says he was afraid he would never see her again. Jason claims a couple of people told him they had been aware Calah was involved with the much older Johnson, but hadn’t reported it to anyone.

When asked why she thought becoming involved with Johnson was a good idea, Calah says “Because he was nice to me. And he - I mean - we lasted six months, and that was a long time for me.”

The teenager says she spends a lot of her time alone. Calah and her family sit down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil on Thursday.

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