Lacey claims that between drugs, alcohol, and emotional problems, her sister, Krystal, is spiraling out of control. She also claims that, instead of conventional therapy, Krystal is using “New Age type spirituality” to address her issues.

Krystal says she is trying to work through the trauma she sustained stemming from a sexual assault when she was 23, that she is doing “healing work,” and that her sister, Lacey, hasn’t started her own healing journey yet.

“I think that the line between fantasy and reality is so blurred that she doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not,” claims Lacey, adding, “We need Dr. Phil to step in with real help, not energy-universe-psychic nonsense.”

“She is going to get better when she needs to get better,” says Dr. Phil in the video above.

And later, when Dr. Phil refers Krystal to virtual therapy through Doctor on Demand, does she accept the help? Check here to see more from Thursday’s episode.

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