The year 2020 has seen enormous upheaval, including the pandemic, an economy in crisis, protests, rioting, wildfires, Supreme court drama, and a contentious US Presidential election.

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“I want today’s show to be a wake-up call for everybody, no matter what side of the political coin you are on,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “We need to empower each other and become united again.”

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Piers Morgan, broadcaster, Editor-at-Large of and the author of the new book, “Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts,” says he wants the same.

“Let’s wake up. Let’s get our priorities right again. Let’s go back to what is important in life,” he says.

On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil and Piers talk about the current political and social division in the United States. On Friday, they’ll explore the trend known as Cancel Culture.

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