Baronica and Nathan know all too well about the dangers of leaving loaded weapons where children can access them. In July 2021, their then 9-year-old son shot his 8-year-old brother in the chest while the children were playing with one of six unsecured guns in their home.

“We never thought it would happen to us, but unfortunately, it did,” says Nathan, who admits he left the loaded handgun that was used in the incident unsecured on top of a dresser in his and Baronica’s bedroom.

Baronica says their kids knew the difference between real guns and toys, and before their son was shot, she was certain that all their children knew better than to play with firearms.

Baronica and Nathan's son survived, but the couple faced criminal charges, CPS got involved, and their children were temporarily removed from the home.

Watch Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Unsecured Guns: Who’s to Blame?” to hear how the family is doing today and what Baronica and Nathan say about keeping firearms in the future.

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