Five years after Dr. Phil first told then 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer's story of being starved, abused and locked in a closet by his father and stepmother; three of his step are talking for the first time about what happened, and how they tried to get help for their little brother.

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“We saw an opportunity to let him out,” says Allison of the day she and her brothers helped free 5-year-old Jordan from a closet under the stairs in their house.

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Dylan says the boy was “a human skeleton,” bruised, and with a gash on the back of his head.

“He looked zombie-like,” says Cody. And when their stepfather, Bradley, came home that day, Cody says he started a fight. He says his aim was to make as much noise as possible.

“I was going to find a reason for somebody to come inside the house and get some kind of help,” he says.

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“God bless you all for raising the hell that you did,” says Dr. Phil, crediting the siblings with saving Jordan’s life.

Watch the video above to learn what happened after authorities arrived, then tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil exclusive for an update on Jordan.

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Stepbrother Of Abused Child Claims His Mother Was ‘Definitely Lying’ When She Said She Didn’t See What Was Going On With The Boy