Jennifer Asbenson was kidnapped by serial killer Andrew Urdiales in 1992 when she was 19 years old. After being driven to the desert, assaulted and strangled, she was able to break free and run for her life. She says after telling her story, police didn’t believe her, and Urdiales went on to kill four more women.

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When he was arrested five years later, Jennifer testified against him.

“It felt amazing to be sitting there and looking at him. I never felt scared of him. I liked to look at him and think in my mind, look who’s here now [expletive]. Did you ever think you’d be seeing me again?” Asbenson says on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “We would do stare downs.”

WATCH: Woman Who Escaped Serial Killer Claims Police Didn’t Believe Her Story

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Why Woman Says She Believes She Survived Being Abducted By A Serial Killer