Ryan says he used to have out-of-control rages, and his siblings and mother were often the targets. He also admits that he was dependent on marijuana and alcohol. After his first appearance on Dr. Phil, he chose to enter treatment, where he addressed these issues.

Now, he claims he’s made amazing progress, although he admits he has slipped in his sobriety journey.

“When you’re in rehab, everything is designed to support you,” Dr. Phil says to Ryan on Monday’s episode. He encourages him to speak up when he needs help and support. “I’m in this with you ride or die … You have come too far and worked too hard to let you spin off.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice – and his unyielding support for Ryan -- in the video above.

On Monday’s episode, "'Where Are They Now? You Asked, We Answer!'" Ryan’s sister claims his behavior is worse than before. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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