Shaela’s mother, Sandra, claims her daughter lost her marriage, her kids, her home, and her career after her behavior drastically changed four years ago. She claims Shaela became irrational, paranoid, and started exhibiting “off the wall” behaviors following a medical emergency in 2013.

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Sandra estimates she’s spent close to $100,000 taking care of Shaela since her life “fell apart.”

“Had I not stepped in and taken care of my daughter, she would have been on the street for the last four years,” she adds.

“My mom does like to make up stories about me,” says Shaela on Thursday’s episode. She claims Sandra has given her “nothing.”

“I think that we’re very likely dealing with a mental illness here,” says Dr. Phil. “And, the behavior is so outrageous that it can sound comical when you hear it from the outside looking in. But for the person that’s going through it, for the family that’s going through it - it’s anything but comical. It can be absolutely heartbreaking.”

What “outrageous” behaviors does Shaela’s family claim they’ve witnessed from her? And why do her sister, Sara, and stepfather, Bobby, claim Sheala’s problems began long before Sandra claims they did?

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