Kristi is a softball umpire who says she was punched in the face after she ejected a mother from a youth softball game for screaming profanities at her when Kristi made a call the woman didn’t like. Following the game, Kristi says, “I was about three steps off the field, and she was there.”

Kristi suffered bruising and nerve damage to her left eye. She says the woman, who fled after punching her, was later arrested.

“I really think we’ve lost a little bit of our humanity toward each other,” says Kristi.

From reports of a youth football coach in Texas who was shot dead during a fight over a game score, to people falling victim to sucker-punches from strangers to a fast food employee who threw grease on a customer, violent behavior appears to be at an all-time high.

Dr. Phil explores the reasons behind the increase in violence across America on Thursday’s episode, “America’s Short Fuse: Afraid to Leave the House.” And later, find out why Dr. James Kimmel Jr., a researcher and lecturer in psychiatry, says, “America is becoming a justice-addicted nation.”

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