Aneska, 12, has experienced violent fits of rage since she was 3 years old.

Her parents, Melanie and Dave, say Aneska has threatened her parents, attacked her siblings, set fire to a comforter in their garage, and has even killed small animals.

Though she says she doesn’t hear them anymore, Aneska says there was a time when voices in her head would tell her what to do.

“Sometimes, I hear whispers and I can’t make out what they’re saying, so it’s scary for me,” Aneska tells Dr. Phil.

One of the voices she says she heard was that of a soldier named Mark.

“He died on the battlefield,” Aneska explains. “He talked through things with me. I don’t see him anymore though.”

Watch the video above, as Aneska describes what she says she and Mark would talk about, and what she claims he told her to do when it came to her siblings.

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