Fourteen-year-old Michelle says she doesn’t get along with her parents and often runs away from home. The teen says her parents treat her like a child and if they only gave her more freedom, their relationship would be better. Michelle claims that her parents treat her like “crap” and that her mother has slapped her in the past.

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The teen, however, does admit that she has some ownership in their strained relationship. “I’m disrespectful towards them, and I understand that,” Michelle says, “but they need to just chill. I mean, they just really need to chill, honestly. Like, if they could take a second to calm down and try to work things out with me instead of screaming and hitting me, yeah, that’d be totally different.”

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See her mother’s response in the video above, and what Dr. Phil tells the family he believes they need to do. And on Wednesday's, find out why Michelle has a backstage meltdown. Check here to see where you can watch.

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‘You’re Not Going To Force Me To Do Anything That I Don’t Want To Do,’ Says 14-Year-Old