Haley says she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The 20-year-old says she sees shadow people and hears voices. She recently completed two months of treatment but says her schizophrenia has gotten worse.

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“I don’t think it helped at all,” Haley says. “I’m so tired of being stuck in a rehab center and then go to another one, and another one and being diagnosed with the same thing. It’s a waste of my time and it’s not helping me at all.”

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Some of Haley’s delusions appear to include that rapper Eminem is her father, that she appeared on American Idol and until four months ago, she believed that she was pregnant with baby Jesus. She says she is trying to better herself, but “nobody takes me seriously.”

In the video above, Haley tells Dr. Phil what she wants for her life moving forward.

“I want to be able to manage my own money and get an apartment right down the road from my mom. But I can’t do that because I can’t work,” she explains. “I’m doing what my mom says is best for me. She knows what’s best for me.”

WATCH: Young Woman Says She Sees 'Shadow People' And Hides From Them

Haley says that she is completely dependent on her mother for her basic needs like showering and changing and washing her clothes.

“I can’t do that without her,” Haley says. “I’m depressed really bad. I feel like I’m deteriorating.”

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On Monday’s episode, hear what Dr. Phil thinks Haley needs to do to help get her back on track. And, see what happens backstage when her family shows her some tough love. Check here to see where you can watch.

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