Dennis says he plans to marry the “woman of my dreams,” “Kimberly Escobar,” as soon as she returns to the United States from Amsterdam, where he claims she is currently stranded. Dennis claims that after a business trip to South Africa with her daughter, “Kimberly” got entangled in multiple mishaps, including a car accident, having an expired passport, and having her money stolen and hasn’t been able to return to Chicago, where she lives.


Dennis admits he has sent over $200,000 to “Kimberly” to help get her through these tough times and help her get back home. He claims he is being scammed by corrupt international government officials who are taking every dime he has and not helping “Kimberly.”

WATCH: Man Claims He’s Spent $200,000 Trying To Get Fiancée Back To The States From Overseas

But could he be getting catfished by “Kimberly”?

In the video above, Dr. Phil examines a check and passport Dennis says “Kimberly” sent to him. What does Dr. Phil uncover about these documents?

And on Friday’s episode, see what happens when Dennis comes face-to-face for the first time with the woman he believes is “Kimberly.” Check here to see where you can watch.

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